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Providing Yoga and Ayurvedic Coaching


Vedic Birth Chart Analysis & Coaching

 Receive a Chart analysis for your work, home, relationship or lifegoals. Understand how to use Ayurveda to support your health and yoga practice. Understand your yearly forecast for relationships, career, and purpose.

General Life

An overview of your birth chart, with attention to specific questions, touching on major areas of life such as career, health, relationships, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. (60-90 minutes)

Annual Update

An assessment based upon lunar return and planetary transits, with a focus on when and how you are likely to encounter favorable conditions or resistance. (30-60 minutes)

Relationship Compatibility

Comparison of two charts for compatibility in intimate, business, or other relationships to gain understanding of your unique psychology, differences, and similarities with others, improve your ability to create harmonious and satisfactory interactions, and avoid unnecessary conflict. (60-90 minutes)

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Ayurveda & You:  Yoga Teacher Training 

2018:       Module 5: Oct 5 and 6 2018   Module 6: Jan 2019  Module 7: Jan 2019

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Study and develop your Yoga Practice with an expert guide to the science and application of Energetic Anatomy,  & Yoga Theory. Learn Yoga poses to energize, cleanse and restore your chakra centers.  Develop the Path of your Heart with Holistic Health Coaching & Ayurveda. Learn methods of emotional intelligence and energy healing.  Explore the 7 Modules - Chakras, Prana, Karma & Wisdom with a circle of friends and students. 

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