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Wllderness Yoga

Join me for 3 days of Breathwork  & Wilderness Yoga 
Pine, AZ  - 1 hour, 45 minutes from the East Valley

Wilderness Yoga Retreat: Self-Care, Sound and Selfless Service

June 19th – 21st (Friday eve – Sunday 1pm)

Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of love and devotion – in the form of Self-Care, Service to the Earth and Sacred Sounds – will be explored.

Begin each day with advanced Breathwork experience/meditation, moving into asana practices to nurture yourSelf. Learn the principle of Kriya Yoga and explore your relationship to Breath and Nature with sound practices in the Clear Creek Wilderness and at the Pine Retreat Center for Truth. Develop and get involved in ‘Seva’ selfless service as you work with the Earth offering healing prayers for self and others.

The retreat will include the Experience of 2 Group Pranic Healing Sessions as well.

Use the Event Tickets Tabs for a Limited Time. - 333$ tax included. 

Cost: $350/person. Includes all practices, lodging, organic meals by Patty ‘Love’ Van Herpen, Yoga and Meditations with Dharmaparaa/Angela Fears and guest Cassandra Wallick.

Angela@angelstarhealth.com  & Register Now!

We welcome you for meditation & discussion at Gilbert Yoga 
Wed. May 6, or Wed. Jun 3 7:30 pm. 
Join us for restorative yoga at 6pm.
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